ages 4-12

Youth Program

The Youth program is for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. There are 8 levels of classes within the program which will take a new swimmer from blowing bubbles and basic water safety to learning the 4 competitive strokes of swimming. The program uses a self paced mastery model, so each student progresses at their own speed through the class levels.



perpetual model

Students are enrolled once and continue through the class levels until you decide to take a break



Classes meet once per week for 30 minutes

$32/WK-New Haven


Families are billed monthly based on number of classes



Each class has a maximum of 4 students

You can register for classes at any time

Youth Lessons:


level 1

This is the novice level at the Bulldog Swim Academy. Students have little to no lesson experience and work on the basics:

Putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles

Getting out of the pool

Floating on their back, with support


level 2

In Rainbow, the student builds on the skills they learned in Pink and learns:

Forward Breathing with Support

Short swims of 5-10 feet

Floating on their back without support for a short time


level 3

Green students can complete the skills from Rainbow and learn:

Forward Breathing without Support

How to safely jump in the pool feet first

How to be comfortable when water goes in their mouth or nose


level 4

Blue students are getting stronger and by the time they are done, they can swim without fins. Blue students will learn:

Floating on their back without support indefinitely

Rolling on their back to their front while swimming and breathing

How to swim underwater for a short distance


level 5

Red is the first level without fins. Red students will learn:

An introduction to swimming freestyle

How to tread water indefinitely

How to safely dive in the water


level 6

The White class is usually in the deep end. Students in the White level will learn:

Freestyle with side breathing


An introduction to Backstroke (Monkey-Airplane-Soldier)


level 7

Students in the Purple level will learn:

Freestyle with bi-lateral breathing

Dolphin kick

Elementary Backstroke without support (Monkey-Airplane-Soldier)


level 8

Students in the Orange level are almost ready for swim team. They will learn:

How to complete multiple lengths of Freestyle and Backstroke



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