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ages 7 months - 3 years

Water Babies

Water Babies is a toddler lesson program for children between the ages of 7 months- 3 years old. We offer 2 levels of classes to establish water comfort and develop their abilities in the water. For both levels, a parent or guardian is expected to be in the water with their child. The goal of each class is to provide specific tasks and expectations for the students, always prioritizing their learning process, their confidence in the water and their passion for swimming.

3 year old swimming



The program is divided into 8-week sessions



Water Babies classes are available on Sundays between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. Classes meet once a week


one session

Pricing per session is $250



Each class has a maximum of 6 students

Registration is made available for the next two sessions

Water Baby: 1st Splash

Our Water Baby: 1st Splash class is for students who have little to no experience in the water. This class focuses on exposing students to the water and starting a foundation of enjoying swimming.

Class Objectives:

Comfort in the water


Money Walks

Have a good time!

Baby swimming lessons

Water Baby: Transitions

Our Water Baby: Transitions class is geared towards children between the ages of 2-3. The main goal of this class is to create independence in the water and develop basic swimming skills.

Class Objectives:

Gain independence from parents

Kickers and Diggers


Have a good time!


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